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Duane Thompson

Sous Chef

Duane grew up in the very food-forward culture of Jamaica which planted the seeds for his entry into his culinary journey. This would be further expanded by his travels the world over. This insatiable appetite for new and interesting foods pushed Duane to formalize his culinary education in Charleston, S.C. He would leave the burgeoning food scene of Charleston and relocate to Florida to open a diner, what he now refers to as a crash course in restauranteuring. The invaluable insight he gained from that experience would follow him throughout his cooking career in Tampa and St. Petersburg. Duane has spent time in the kitchens of The Refinery, Fodder, and Shine, Roy’s, The Iberian Rooster just to name a few. He has continued to sharpen his skills for the last 9 years in the Tampa Bay food scene and looks to use those skills to create an exciting culinary experience at 82 Degrees. Outside of the kitchen Duane enjoys long walks on the beach and quiet nights reading in front of the fireplace.